Программное обеспечение для чата

Что такое программное обеспечение для чата?

Программное обеспечение для чата — самый простой и недорогой способ общения организации с клиентами и посетителями сайта в реальном времени. Команда обслуживания клиентов использует программное обеспечение для чата, чтобы быстро отвечать на запросы.

Every chat software offers many functions and features. In LiveAgent, you are able to set up chat invitations on your website, customize a chat button, see what your customers are typing on Live chat and much more. It brings many business benefits to your organization.

Что такое программное обеспечение для чата?


What is chat software?

Chat software is a service that enables real-time customer support. It acts as an instant messaging service through which your customers can contact you.

Does LiveAgent offer chat software?

LiveAgent offers chat software. Thanks to this functionality and its advanced features, you save time and can spend it on building relationships during a conversation in real time.

What are must-have features of chat software?

There are a few essential features that should be in a chat software. The first of these features are automatic messages that enable proactive customer service. The ready-made answers to frequently asked questions are an important facilitation. Thanks to this option, the customer will get a quick answer, and the agent does not have to think about what to write back for a long time. Another feature is manual messaging, which gives you the chance to build a relationship with your client. The chat form is also important, as it allows you to collect customer contact details before starting the conversation. It should be important for both the service team and the customers that the customer can rate the chat. This is important feedback for the team.

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