Система управления тикетами клиентской поддержки

Что такое система управления тикетами клиентской поддержки?

It is software for your customer support agents. It helps them to communicate with customers through one interface. Thus, if you are a company operating on many platforms, this would be a perfect solution. Whenever your customer reaches out, you can resolve the issue swiftly in the customer service software such as LiveAgent. 

LiveAgent dashboard

Почему стоит использовать систему управления тикетами клиентской поддержки?

The most important task of a customer service staff is to create long term and loyal relationships with customers. One way to reach it is to use a Helpdesk ticketing system. It includes all essential components to ensure fast resolutions to customer problems. An administrator of your customer service software can create Rules and SLAs. These would divide the customers to proper departments, set specific times, and more! This helps with automating the processes in your customer service department.

Почему стоит использовать систему управления тикетами клиентской поддержки? - App - Uploads - 2019 - 09 - Departments.png


  • Competitive advantage
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer service agent’s satisfaction
  • Increased sales
  • Customer retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Increased profit
  • Organized data
  • Better customer service accessibility

We use LiveAgent to manage chat conversations on our website with the aim of converting initial inquiries into qualified sales leads.

Barney B.

How does the Helpdesk ticketing system work?

Когда в систему тикетов попадает сервисный запрос от клиента, этот запрос автоматически преобразуется в тикет. Этот запрос может поступать из онлайн чата, электронной почты, социальных сетей, по телефону или другим каналам.

Далее, специалисты по работе с клиентами работают с этим тикетом и разрешают его. В тикете специалист может видеть всю информацию о клиенте. Так, он сможет оперативно и качественно этому клиенту помочь.

Ticketing system example - LiveAgent

What are the key features of an effective Helpdesk ticketing system?

  • Knowledge base: Allows you to create content/articles for your customers. Nowadays, customers prefer to find information on the website. Thus, having DIY articles improves your customer service efficiency. These articles can also be for agents, which means that they are not seen by customers.
  • Automations; such as SLAs (Service-level agreements). The SLAs are an important key feature to set, in order to effectively respond to your customers. For instance; you can set a specific time for First Answer. If no one answers the ticket within the time frame, it will be transferred to Overdue.
  • Tags: This feature allows you to create customized workflow and reports. Moreover, it enables you to utilize it in Rules, Time Rules, and SLAs.
  • Agent reports: If you would like to keep a track of your agent’s performance, this key feature will show you all the important metrics. For instance; answered tickets, rewards, calls, open average time, and more. If you would like to know all of the agent report metrics, read Agent Report.
  • Internal tickets/notes: This feature is effective for agents. Firstly, it enables your agents to communicate through tickets internally. It solves problems faster and easier. Secondly, you can assign a ticket to another agent. For instance, if you need to refer him to escalations or a different department. Thirdly, this feature can also create a note for yourself. The benefit is that all the internal tickets/notes aren’t visible to customers. This enables smooth and fast communication.
  • Universal inbox: It enables you and your agents to view trouble tickets from one interface. Such as from Email, Twitter, Slack, Forum posts, Facebook, LiveChat, Calls, and many more.

Other additional features worth knowing about:

  • Multi-channel communication with customers
  • Customer data organized in one interface
  • Merging conversations/tickets 
  • Canned and predefined messages 
  • Mobile helpdesk app to resolve tickets fast from anywhere
  • Multilingual ticketing system
  • Export tickets to PDF/HTML formats or CSV file
  • Email forwarding

To learn more, please visit our Features.

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